Covid-19 and ebody beauty - Please Read

Covid-19 and ebody

With the arrival of COVID-19, businesses are forced to adapt the way they operate. ebody has gone to great lengths to continue providing the high level of standards, to which you are accustomed, to assure your safety and the safety of staff. As you can appreciate this has resulted in some changes to the way we can operate. These include the following:

• Due to strict cleaning protocols clients will be asked to arrive on time. (Treatments may need to be cut short if not on time, while still being charged full price.)

• A COVID-19 form to be completed.

• Clients MUST come alone for their appointments.

• Clients will be asked to wear a mask, wash their hands, or use sanitizer before and after treatments.

• No food, drinks or use of mobile phones will be permitted in the salon.

• To pay by contactless means when possible.

• If booking an online appointment, a COVID-19 cleaning service MUST BE BOOKED as part of your treatment. This service is FREE OF CHARGE. Failure to do this may result in your appointment being cancelled as well as being charged a cancellation fee.

Clients can obtain further procedures and protocols that are in place surrounding COVID-19 on request or by clicking here. To adhere to Government, HSE and HSA guidelines we have had to reduce our capacity for taking appointments.

We are also incurring an increase in costs which we are trying our best to absorb and not pass them onto you. For us to be able to do this we have to ensure our cancellation policy is enforced for EVERY CLIENT and to the fullest.

• 50% Fee if cancelled within 24hrs.

• 100% Fee if cancelled with less than 24hrs.

• All treatment time booked will be charged for even if no longer required, unless cancelled within the above time frames.

• Failure to book a COVID-19 cleaning service may result in your treatment being cut short, while the full price of the treatment will still be charged.

We hope you can appreciate these measures have been incorporated into our practice to assure safety and fairness to all. We hope to see you soon.